Evolution of various departments

In the beginning when the department of research and compilation was established, some of the lecturers of Jamia Islamia Minhaj-ul-Quran, Muhammad Saddique Qamer, Allama Zahoor Elahi, Allama Muhammad Amin Madni, and Prof Alvi, rendered their part-time services. In December 1987, Shaykh-ul-Islam appointed Dr Ali Akber al-Azhari as the first research scholar who was doing his Master in Arabic from the OrientalCollege at that time. He had already won distinctions in writing competitions at the national level. Keeping his capability, interests, literary tastes and deep commitment with the mission, Shaykh-ul-Islam handed him the complete control of the research institute, whereas Rana Javed Majeed Qadri (who was the editor-in-chief of the monthly Minhaj-ul-Quran) was appointed as the first regular director of the Institute.

The year, 1988, saw phenomenal promotion of activities of Tehreek both inside as well as outside Pakistan. The following branches of Research Institute were set up in the same year:

  • Library
  • Department of transcription
  • Department of research and editing
  • Department of translations
  • Department of writing and designing

The names of the people who rendered their services as director or in-charge from 1988 to 2000 are given here below:

  • Rana Javed Majeed Qadri
  • Dr Ali Akber Qadri
  • Dr Ali Akber Qadri
  • Prof Muhammad Rafique Naqishbandi
  • Prof Naeem Anwar Nomani
  • Riaz Hussain Chaudhry
  • Nasir Iqbal Advocate

In 2000, the Research Institute was expanded and it was shifted from the central building of the secretariat to the basement of the central Mosque Minhaj-ul-Quran along with library where following three departments and a prestigious library were added:

  • Department of composing
  • Department of Information Technology
  • Department of Literature

After the shifting of the Institute to the new place, services of more people were hired in different departments. Sheikh Abdul Aziz Dabbagh and Qamar-uz-Zaman remained directors during this period. In the meantime, Dr Tahir Hameed Tanoli offered his services for the institute. He had already served as provincial Nazim and other positions of Tehreek in addition to his official job. Dr Tanoli had rendered into book form lectures of Shaykh-ul-Islam on ‘Quranic Philosophy of Revolution’, besides authoring his books entitled as “Fermodat-e-Quaid”, “Mann Bolta hai”, and ‘Distinctive status of Irfan-ul-Quran”. Seeing his capability, services and commitment, Shaykh-ul-Islam promoted him from the rank of Deputy Director to that of Director of the Institute. When the central Directorates were restructured, the Research Institute was declared as the Directorate of Research and Publications with Dr Tahir Hameed Tanoli appointed as its first head. He was also helped in his role by late Dr Karamatullah (who after his retirement from Islamic University Islamabad also served as the Principal of COSIS in addition to Director Research). Nasir Iqbal Advocate performed the managerial and administrative functions quite effectively in the meantime. After the completion of his PhD, the first research scholar of the Institute and editor in chief of Monthly Minhaj-ul-Quran, Dr Ali Akber Qadri, was appointed the Director Research. Muhammad Farooq Rana was promoted to the position of Deputy Director (Research) and he is performing his role effectively. Prof Muhammad Ashraf was appointed to run the administrative affairs in a good manner. He stayed on this job till May 2008 as Director Library and Administration. Given his devotion, long association and capabilities, Prof Nusrallah Moinee was appointed as Director Research in July 2008.

After this initial introduction, let us take a look at the gradual development of the Institute and the people who have served here:

Introduction and performance of departments

This is rare honour enjoyed by FMRi that all phases of research——–research, editing, and preparation of material and from composing to pasting—are completed under one roof. Many sub-branches have been setup for this purpose whose introduction is given here below:


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