Quranic Philosophy of Revolution

This is a unique book of its kind which has been derived from the Holy Quran directly. This book, without getting involved in the philosophical complexities, throws light on different aspects of the fundamentals of the Quranic philosophy of revolution. The study of this book inculcates the background and the foreground of the Quranic society in the mind of the reader. Detailed and comprehensive discussion has been held on such subjects as the Quranic philosophy of revolution, history of decline of Umma, the purpose of raising of prophets, Dawa and its importance, the way of bringing about Mustafvi revolution in the light of Sira-tur-Rasool (saw) and the Quranic verses. The books discusses this reality that with the inception of comprehensive decline of Muslim Umma, the forces of falsehood bring about changes in the following seven kinds of basic fundamentals of Islam:

  • Change in political thought
  • Change in economic thought
  • Change in jurisprudential and legal thought
  • Change in sociological thought
  • Change in civilizational and cultural thought
  • Change in religious thought.
  • Change in educational and training thought

Guidance in the light of the text of the Holy Quran and Hadith has been given as to how to eliminate these negative changes. Based on the innovative and revolutionary style of the Quranic description, this book is counted among the important writings of the century.


Direct the believing men to keep their eyes always lowered and guard their private parts. That is purer for them. Surely, Allah is Well Aware of (the works) which they are busy doing. (Sura an-Nūr, 24 : 30)

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