Madina Pact

This unique book of its kind contains the Madina Pact along with Urdu and English translations. It has been established with arguments that:

  • The rights of all minorities in addition to Muslim citizens were protected in the Islamic State through Madina Pact;
  • The rights of women have been guaranteed;
  • Despite progress in the field of law, Madina Pact is more comprehensive and perfect document than any other ideal constitution of the modern world in view of prevalent constitutional standards;
  • Madina Pact enjoys yet another distinctive edge on other constitutions of the world. That is that it gives complete guarantee to the continuity of its contents along with its comprehensiveness;
  • The book also describes in detail the circumstances prevailing before Madina Pact and the result of this Pact besides narration of opinions and comments of orientalists about this grand Constitution;


Direct the believing men to keep their eyes always lowered and guard their private parts. That is purer for them. Surely, Allah is Well Aware of (the works) which they are busy doing. (Sura an-Nūr, 24 : 30)

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