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Sirat-ur-Rasool (s.a.a.w)

Sirat-ur-Rasool_07A great reconstructive effort of modern age on the subject of Sira-tur-Rasool (saw), is a magnum opus written in Urdu language. Ten volumes of this scholarly masterpiece have been published, which contain the following distinguishing features:

* Sira-tur-Rasool (saw) is such a writing drenched in the love of the Holy Prophet (saw), which creates the respect and reverence of the Holy Prophets in the hearts.

  • It is a practical code of conduct aimed at reviving the relationship of obedience and subservience to the Holy Prophet (saw).
  • This book is an argumentative response to the objections of non-Muslims scholars and intellectuals at intellectual level and also communicates the cultural, ideological and intellectual background of Islam most effectively.
  • It offers solution to the problems of the modern age at social and national levels.
  • It is a treasure of easily understandable scholarly arguments, which removes intellectual confusions and creates clarity.
  • It gives effective response and answers to the questions of the modern mind.

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